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The Official Banana Cleaner™ 

Banana Cleaner is a Original Banana Cleaner brand. We provide our customers with the perfect Banana Cleaner Toy.Feeling better than ever is just a Trouvaille Banana Cleaner away. Realistic true-touch design. Perfect banana pleasure. Versatile uses. Suction design. 

✔️ This versatile Male Banana Cleaner features an open-ended design, allowing you to use it in various ways. 

✔️ The Male Banana Cleaner also has two lids, one at each end. You can keep one lid closed for shallow stimulation, or release it to replicate the sensation of a deep plunge. If you remove both lids, you can fully insert yourself for a more intense experience. Leaving one lid on while inserting creates a vacuum, resulting in a different and tighter sensation.

✔️ The Banana Cleaner has an independent handle that is easy to hold and adjust to your posture. Its simple buttons are great for one-handed control.

✔️ The product comes in 100% discreet packaging, without any sensitive wording or markings.

✔️ USB charging: The 1500mAh lithium battery can be used for 120 minutes on a single charge. USB charging, safe and easy

✔️ Our Trouvaille Cleaner Toys is not waterproof. It needs to be disassembled after each use and the silicone sleeve cleaned separately

The Official Trouvaille Banana Cleaner 

👩‍❤️‍👨Powerful Drive:Our automatic banana cleaner tool for men have 6 modes of massage, in which the front and rear vibration amplitude is 1.2 inches. It has a powerful drive that will satisfy you.

Perfect Banana Pleasure

Versatile usesVersatile uses

Open ended design allows for total experimentation and multiple ways to use for maximum pleasure!

Suction designSuction design

Suction cup design allows for uninterrupted use. Simply set up the suction and get to banana cleaning!

Fits all sizesFits all sizes

Whether your banana is small, medium, or big, it has you covered. Our design fits all sizes.

Live happierLive happier

Our customers can't stop raving! Experience true satisfaction from the banana cleaner.

The Official  Banana Cleaner Machine

💋Intelligent Interaction: Built-in innovative pressure sensing module. The more pressure it is subjected to, the more frequency and amplitude it vibrates. It's an exciting experience.

Perfect Banana Cleaner For Husband.

Pleasure, Your Way.

Never run out of new ways to experiment with your Banana Cleaner Toy! 6 different stroke frequency modes allow switching according to your needs and preferences.

The Perfect Automatic Banana Cleaner

Feeling better than ever is just a Trouvaille Massager Banana Cleaner away. Experience intense pleasure with the versatile design. You won't find a toy that captivates pleasure like the banana washer machine does.

The perfect Banana Cleaner Toy

Banana Cleaner Toy : The inner liner of this massager is food-grade silicone safe material, soft and comfortable, and very durable. We strictly protect the privacy of our customers and will not print any product information on the outer packaging.

Most Popular Banana Washing Machine

Various models: trouvaille cid-am2002/trouvaille cid-am 2000

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Our Banana Cleaner Toy Fits Any Size!

Our Banana Toy Uses Usb Charging, 1500mah Lithium Battery Can Be Used For 120 Minutes After One Charge.

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