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Best Anal Dildos for Men: A Comprehensive Review

Best Anal Dildos for Men


Anal sex is the ideal way to explore your body and discover new dimensions of pleasure. Whether you are a beginner curious about buying your first butt plug or prostate vibrator/vibrator, or a seasoned enthusiast looking for a better, bigger toy, there is something for everyone. Prostate stimulation in particular can lead to more intense, longer-lasting orgasms. This guide describes the best anal toys for men. All of the toys listed are made from non-toxic, non-porous materials and the products listed are from discreet and reputable sellers.

Understanding Anatomy

YIQU 5-In-1 Double-Headed Licking Tongue Dildo

As Bongiovanni explains, there are two sphincters in your buttocks: an inner sphincter that you can’t control, and an outer sphincter that can be trained to relax and open for pleasure. It takes time to train the outer sphincter to accommodate larger objects. Please avoid shoving anything in randomly. Be sure to use toys that flare out at the bottom to keep them from getting lost inside, which keeps play safe.

Getting Started with Anal Play

It is important to approach anal sex with a relaxed and open mind. Begin by gently stimulating your partner’s rear with a light pat or lick. Remember to use an adequate amount of lube. If your partner has a penis, try gently pressing on the perineum (the area between the penis and testicles) and slowly sliding your finger in. If there is any pain, remove the toy and take a break. Breathing correctly, changing positions and taking your time are the key secrets to successful anal training. You can’t become an expert overnight; it takes time, patience and usually a proper set of graduated glass butt plugs. Once you get used to it, a new world of exceptional backdoor pleasure awaits.

Best Anal Dildos for Men of 2024

Best Anal Dildos for Prostate and Insertion

Omysky Howitzer Vibration Heating Realistic Dildo

Omysky Howitzer Vibration Heating Realistic Dildo

Howitzer dildo, Realistic texture and glans penis, brings you an unimaginable feeling of pleasure. Strongly rub the inner wall of vagina, reach G spot, and satisfy your deepest desire. Enjoy your own pleasure with 360° bio-sensing spiral expansion and contraction, and adjust the multi-frequency fast and slow frequency with remote control, imitate the soft touch of human skin, cool every cell on the inner wall, and experience the continuous orgasm of the inner wall of vagina.

Blush Neo Elite Dildos: Very affordable dual density dildos come in four shapes and neon colors. They are perfect for beginners and provide realistic sensations.

SquarePegToys Steve: This life cast dildo is curvy and has a head that rubs perfectly against the prostate. It is available in a variety of sizes and is made of super soft silicone for a unique sensation.

VixSkin by Vixen Creations: These dual-density silicone dildos are known for their smooth, soft texture. Top picks include the VixSkin Mustang, Vixen VixSkin Ranger and Vixen Randy Dildo.

SquarePegToys® Leo: This beautiful, ultra-soft silicone dildo is available in a variety of sizes for a luxuriously pleasurable experience.

Nick Capra from Mr. Hankey’s Toys: This life-size casting dildo from porn star Nick Capra has a realistic feel and is available in a variety of sizes and hardness levels.

Uberrime Splendid Dual Density Dildo: The handcrafted silicone dildo features a beautiful penis shape and raised vein style, perfect for prostate stimulation.

Best Anal Dildos For Beginners

Baby’s first butt plug

Start with a small conical toy made of glass, a smooth material perfect for temperature play. A set of three clear glass anal plugs is perfect for beginners. Start slowly with the smallest and work your way up. These anal plugs look beautiful, almost like modern sculptures.

Product: PRISMS Dosha 3-Piece Glass Anal Plug Set

Price: $19.95

Heart Shaped Stainless Steel Plugs

The 2.75-inch stainless steel plugs are perfect for beginners to train with, ready for temperature play, and come with heart-shaped jeweled plugs to make sure they stay in place.

Product: ROMI Heart Shaped Stainless Steel Anal Plugs

Price: $5.99

Medium-sized plug with loop handle

This medium-sized stainless steel anal plug from Njoy is designed with a clever loop handle for easy and comfortable use. It is highly acclaimed for its ability to stimulate during sex, providing extra sensation for both partners at the same time.

Product: NJOY Pure Plug (Medium)

Price: $47.50

Advanced Anal Training

Butt Boot Camp Training Kit

For those with a long-term strategy, a set of Progressive Tapered Anal Plugs can help you explore your personal preferences for texture, weight and length. This set includes the essential plugs for your anal training journey.

Product: ADAM & EVE Booty Boot Camp Training Kit

Price: $29.99

Vibrating Finger-Like Anal Toy

A narrow anal toy like this one mimics the sensation of an arched finger. Ideal for beginners, it offers multiple vibration levels for toe-curling orgasms and a variety of other exercises. Ideal for beginners, it offers multiple vibration levels for toe-curling orgasms.

Product: SVAKOM Coco G Spot Vibrator

Price: $29

Intermediate and Advanced Toys

Girthier Anal Plug

For those ready for more, a girthier anal plug like the Butt Tingler is perfect. It’s bullet-powered, with 10 functions and a high rating on It’s bullet-powered, with 10 functions and a high rating on Lovehoney.

Best for Couples LELO Loki Vibrating Prostate Massager

The LELO Loki Vibrating Prostate Massager combines a high-quality, luxurious design with powerful vibrations, making it perfect for couples.


Luxurious design and quality

Intense internal and external stimulation

Unique prostate massage action


Not wearable



Vibration speed: 2

Vibration Modes: 10

Length: 7.7 inches

Insertable Length: 4 inches

Diameter: 1.47 inches

Material: Silicone

Our tester, Kasia, was impressed by the “come over” action of the LELO Loki Wave 2, which provided a unique and pleasurable sensation. The handle makes it easy to control, even when playing cooperatively. Although it doesn’t have a remote control, it’s a versatile, high-quality toy that’s perfect for solo and couple use.


Choosing the best anal dildo for men requires a variety of factors to be considered, including everything from your experience level, desired features, and budget. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, there is a perfect toy for you on this list. From beginner toys for beginners, to toys that offer great value for money with a balance of performance and price, to luxurious, high-quality toys. You’ll find a toy that suits your needs and preferences and gives you unparalleled pleasure. Have fun exploring!

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