App Control Vibrators

Best App Controlled Vibrators : Quiet, Discreet, and Powerful

Best App Controlled Vibrators

What is an app-controlled vibrator?

In today’s fast-paced world, the need for quiet, discreet vibrators is growing every day, especially for those who share a home or travel frequently. Whether you’re enjoying it alone or with a partner, there are a variety of designs to choose from – from egg-shaped to strap-on. The last thing anyone wants is a noisy vibrator disturbing the peace or giving away your secret pleasure in public.

As technology advances, Remote controlled vibrators are becoming more sophisticated, often replacing traditional remotes with easy-to-control apps. This means you don’t have to compromise your satisfaction just to control the noise. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best app-controlled vibrators, focusing on key points such as size, texture, ease of use and, of course, noise levels.

An app-controlled vibrator, also known as a telesex or cybersex toy, is a type of electronic entertainment product that can be controlled through an app on a mobile device.

These toys typically offer

Customizable vibration patterns

Various intensity levels

Ability to synchronize the toy with music

In-app chat

Programmable sounds

These toys require a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to connect to the app, giving you complete control of your toy from anywhere in the world.

Key Considerations for Remote Control Toys

Magic Motion Umi Remote Control Wearable Clock Vibrator

Standard rules apply when choosing a remote control toy, but there are some additional factors to consider. Size, texture and color are all important, but for RC toys you also need to consider recycled cords or flared bases that can be inserted into toys such as painted eggs. Ensuring that what goes in can be easily taken out is crucial to an accessible and safe experience.

In terms of price, remote control toys tend to be a bit more expensive due to the extra hardware involved. However, there are plenty of toys that cost around $50 USD that are great for newbies to try.

How to choose a sex toy controlled by an app?

Choosing the right app-controlled sex toy is easy if you follow the tips below:

Determine your needs

Determine what type of toy you need and what features you are interested in. Are you looking for a vibrator, a couples toy or a stroker?


Set a budget, keeping in mind that app-controlled toys can be relatively expensive due to their advanced technology. However, the apps themselves can be downloaded for free without a subscription fee.


Do your homework by reading reviews and buying from trusted brand names. Avoid buying torrents of toys as they may be poorly made or manufactured with unsafe materials that could damage your body.

How to use app controlled sex toys?

Magic Motion Umi Remote Control Wearable Clock Vibrator

Sex toys controlled by apps are simple to set up and use. Follow these basic steps:

Fully charged

Make sure the toy is fully charged before use. The first charge usually takes a few hours.

Synchronize your toy with an app

Download the toy’s specific app, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, and follow the app’s pairing instructions. This usually involves pressing a button on the toy to enter pairing mode. Once connected, the app will confirm the pairing.

Customize settings

Explore the app’s settings to find the ones that work best for you.

Typical settings include

Vibration Intensity: Adjust to your preferred intensity.

Rhythm Patterns: Choose from preloaded patterns or create a custom pattern.

User Controls: Some toys offer voice commands or motion-sensitive controls.

Many apps include features such as video chat that allow for face-to-face interaction while controlling each other’s toys, enhancing the remote play experience.

Best App Control Vibrators of 2024

Best Application Control Couples Toys

Magic Flamingo Vibrator: making your ride on TOP. Reddot Award 2016 Winner for High Design Quality. You can operate the Flamingo wearable clit vibrator on any smartphone that operates IOS or Android. Various vibration pattern gives you explosive organism. APP control functions totally control of your fun whenever you wish. You can be as creative as you want for discreet public play and long-distance play with your partner.

Best Apps for Controlling Panty Vibrators

Lovense Ferri: Known for its power and quiet operation, this panty vibrator is ideal for covert play, whether on a date or at a distance.

We-Vibe Moxie: This popular panty vibrator clips securely into your panties and offers app and remote control capabilities for a variety of covert stimulation options.

Best for tech and music lovers: Satisfyer Double Joy Companion Vibrator

Battery type: rechargeable

Waterproof: Yes

DESCRIPTION: Designed for internal and external stimulation, this vibrator pairs with a dedicated app that syncs with your Spotify playlist for a unique sound-driven experience. It’s easy to use and perfect for hetero or tech enthusiasts.

Best for Intense Orgasms: Bang!

Battery type: rechargeable

Waterproof: yes

DESCRIPTION: With ten vibration settings and a hidden remote control, this powerful vibrating egg is perfect for those who love intense pleasure. The bright remote may not be the most discreet, but it does a commendable job in public.

Best for ease of use: Ann Summers Fusion Remote Egg

Battery type: rechargeable

Waterproof: Yes

DESCRIPTION: This toy is easy to operate with intuitive controls and offers three speeds and seven vibration modes. It’s quiet and easy to penetrate with a little lubricant, making it perfect for those who like frugal gadgets.

Best comfortable to wear: Nature’s Love Inc Cistus

Battery type: rechargeable

Waterproof: Yes

DESCRIPTION: Made of soft, bendable material, this U-shaped toy provides intense dual stimulation. It is also quiet enough for public use on lower settings and conforms well to the contours of the body.

Best for Intense Vibration California Exotic Silicone Pink Remote Control Dual Motor Kegel System

Battery type: rechargeable

Waterproof: yes

DESCRIPTION: Organically combining health exercises with pleasure, this toy offers 12 vibration settings and a hidden remote control. The strong vibration effects and ergonomic design make it ideal for experienced users.

Best Beginner Toys: Ricky’s Toys Wireless Controlled Vibrating Love Eggs

Battery type: rechargeable

Waterproof: Yes

DESCRIPTION: This small, powerful vibrating egg is perfect for beginners. Despite a small issue with the remote battery, it’s easy to use, affordable, packaged in a discreet package and has very powerful vibrations.

Best for quiet vibrations So Divine Addictive Love Eggs

Battery type: rechargeable

Waterproof: yes

DESCRIPTION: Uniquely shaped for easy insertion, this toy offers three speeds and seven vibration modes. It is low noise, has a range of up to 5 meters and is versatile enough for both internal and external use.

Strap-On-Me Bendable Backstrap Erotica

Battery type: unspecified

Waterproof: yes

DESCRIPTION: This versatile strap-on erotic is perfect for couples to use together or for pinning people up. It is available in a variety of sizes and has a bendable neck for easy custom positioning. The remote control adds to the fun, though it takes some time to master.


Remote controlled vibrators have revolutionized the personal pleasure experience by providing discretion and advanced functionality through app control. Whether used alone or with a partner, there is a remote controlled vibrator to meet your wide variety of needs and preferences.

These 2024 favorites showcase the range of options available, from intense vibrations to technological integration with music apps. Purchasing a quality remote control vibrator can add a different level of passion and convenience to your intimate moments.

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