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Best Dildos for Men: Your Ultimate Guide

Best Dildos for Men: Your Ultimate Guide


Dildos aren’t just for women; they’re also for men. They are increasingly popular among male users looking for pleasure and exploration. There are many options to choose from, and finding the right one can be a daunting task. Don’t worry, we’ve carefully tested and reviewed several of the best men’s dildos to help you make an informed decision. From materials to design, we cover it all to ensure you find the product that best suits your individual needs.

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How do we create this list?

Choosing the best dildo for men requires considering various factors to ensure maximum satisfaction and safety for the user. Our list is carefully curated based on the following factors:

Material quality

High-end, body-safe and reliable materials, realistic and comfortable to the touch. Such as silicone material, etc.

Usability and comfort

Ergonomically designed to meet different levels of user experience and preferences.


The product is durable and can withstand regular use.

Hygienic and easy to use

Made from non-porous materials, it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Finding the perfect dildo requires understanding your preferences and choosing a toy that suits your personal needs.

Whether you prioritize realism, size, or added features, the dildos on this list have you covered. Always use plenty of lube and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Our 2024 recommendations are based on extensive testing, user feedback, and the latest industry trends.

The Best Dildos for Men in 2024

Best Overall Dildo: Banana Cleaner Double Penetration Dildo

Double Penetration Dildo

Silicone Strap On Penis Butt Plug, Double Penetration Dildo Vibrator with Cock Ring, Delay Ejaculation Anus Plug Massager Adult Erotic Anal Sex Toys for Male Man Women Couples.

♥Easy to Use♥

Double Penetration Dildo

Suitable for anal sex beginners, bring more overall satisfying sexual experience for lovers and couples.

♥Ergonomic Design♥

Double Penetration Dildo

The unique design brings different sensory stimulation, enhances the pleasure of your lover, pleases your partner and brings continuous orgasm.

Best for Beginners: Tantus Charmer

Design: Suitable for beginners with an exciting feel.

Ease of use: 100/100

Quality: Affordable and made of high quality and reliable silicone.

Ideal for beginners, the Tantus Charmer is small in size and has a threaded texture that delivers pleasurable internal stimulation. It is made from high-quality silicone, ensuring a luxurious and body-safe and secure experience. While it doesn’t have a suction cup base, its beginner-friendly design and affordable price make it ideal for those new to anal sex.

Most Powerful: Mantric P-Spot Probe Dildo Vibrator

Design: Suitable for beginners, moderate power.

Ease of use: 100/100

Quality: Medium, with multiple vibration modes.

The Mantric P-Spot Probe Dildo Vibrator is designed for prostate stimulation and features an LED light and a range of vibration modes. While its shape may not perfectly target every user’s prostate, its intense vibrations go a long way to making up for this shortcoming. It’s made from high-quality materials and is waterproof, making it a durable choice for solo gaming and gaming with a partner.

Best Prostate Massager: Lelo Hugo

Design: Suitable for beginners with luxurious features.

Ease of use: 87/100

Quality: Pricey, but worth trying for a premium experience.

Made from silky silicone and designed specifically to target the prostate, the Lelo Hugo features 8 different vibration settings for intense pleasure. Although noisy and pricey, its remote-controlled design and smooth silicone construction make it a luxurious choice for those seeking intense anal stimulation.

The most realistic male dildo

7-Inch Triple Density 3D Ultra-Realistic Dildo with Swinging Ball

The 7-inch Triple Density 3D Dildo is an excellent choice for those looking for a realistic experience. Its three-layer design mimics the texture and hardness of a real penis, and comes with a swinging ball for added intense realism. Fanta Flesh material minimizes typical TPE odor, making it more comfortable to use. The suction cup base ensures it stays in place, although it may occasionally slip under pressure.

The best male dildo with suction cup

Dr. Skin Stud Muffin Realistic Anal Dildo with Balls

Stud Muffin’s suction cups provide superior performance and create a secure seal for reliable, hands-free use. This dildo is made from non-porous PVC material and is sculpted with realistic details including veins and a tapered head for easy insertion. Its compatibility with strap-on harnesses adds versatility for cooperative play between partners. Despite its large size, it is easy to insert when well lubricated.

Best vibrating dildos for men

King Cock Elite 9-Inch Dual Density Silicone Dildo with Light

The King Cock Elite 9-inch dildo offers the perfect combination of size and vibration, offering a dual-density design and stimulating vibration. It has 3 speeds and 7 functions, offering 21 combinations for users to explore. Lighting adds convenience and allows you to easily adjust settings. The size is generous but the tapered tip is very helpful for insertion. Its novel design and safety belt compatibility make it an ideal toy for a variety of uses.

Best affordable dildo

Blush Neo Elite

Offering the perfect balance of quality and affordability, the Blush Neo Elite is a must-have for budget-conscious buyers.

GOOD SUCTION CUP: This dildo has a sturdy suction cup base, perfect for hands-free play.

Detailed Reviews: Explore the full range of Neo Elite dildos to find the one that best suits your needs.

People’s favorite dildo

VixSkin Mustang

Crowd Favorite: With its sleek design and smooth finish, the VixSkin Mustang is the ideal choice for fun-seekers.

Great for hooking up: This dildo is strap compatible, perfect for hooking up, very versatile and realistic.

Detailed Reviews/Comparisons: Learn more about the VixSkin range and find the product that best suits your needs.

Best Artisan Realistic Dildo

Uberrime Realistic Dual Density Craftsman Dildo

Uberrime dildos are handcrafted in Florida, offering unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

THICKER STURDY CORE: These dildos feature a thicker, firm core for added stability, perfect for fast and intense penetration action.

Detailed Reviews: Explore the full range of Uberrime dildos and find options that offer the perfect blend of artistry and realism.


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the sex toy world or just trying it out, there’s a dildo for you. From affordable options to luxurious options, these dildos offer unparalleled realism and pleasure. Choose the right toy for you based on your personal needs.

So why wait? Dig deeper and discover to find your new favorite toy today!

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