Strapless Dildos

Best Strapless Dildos: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Toy

Best Strapless dildos

Strapless dildos offer couples a unique and exciting sexual experience, allowing both partners to enjoy sexual pleasure at the same time without the need for a harness. With a spherical end for the wearer and a longer end for the receiver, these double ended toys are flexible in their use. Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, there is a strapless dildo to suit your preferences.

Erocome Cancri Silicone Vibrating Strapless Dildo

How strapless dildos work

A strapless dildo consists of a shorter bulb for vaginal penetration and a longer bulb for penetrative sexual activity with a partner. The bulb is held in place by the wearer’s pelvic floor muscles, allowing both partners to experience pleasure. Some models even include a vibrating feature for added sexual stimulation.

How to use a strapless dildo?

Practice alone

Wear the dildo alone and familiarize yourself with holding the dildo in place with the pelvic floor muscles.

Use lubricant wisely

Lubricate the balls with the right amount of lubricant to avoid slipping.

Choose positions carefully

Positions such as cowgirl and spooning can help maintain control of the dildo.

Consider using a harness

Although strapless dildos are designed so that a harness is not required, a harness can add stability.

Types of Strapless Dildos

Removable/Adjustable Strapless Dildo

The angle of the pony and shaft can be adjusted for optimal position.

Vibrating Strapless Dildo

Comes with either a built-in motor or removable bullet vibrator.

Realistic Strapless Dildo

Designed to resemble a penis, often with a realistic texture.

Rabbit Strapless Dildo

Provides the wearer with rabbit-style stimulation of the sensitive area of the clitoris.

Strapless dildos and double-ended dildos

Although strapless dildos and double-ended dildos look similar, strapless dildos offer a smaller penis head for the wearer and a longer penis for the recipient. Double-ended dildos, on the other hand, are usually longer and may require a harness for use. You can choose to use it alone or with a partner depending on your personal preference.

Benefits of Strapless Dildos

Enhanced intimacy: A more intimate experience for you and your partner.

Double Stimulation: Both partners can enjoy the intense stimulation of the toy.

Realism: Provides a more realistic look and feel of the penis.

Things to consider when choosing one

Size and Fit

Choose a size that is comfortable and provides the right amount of sexual stimulation for you and your partner.


Choose a toy that allows you to easily adjust the angle and position.


Many strapless dildos have a vibrating function that enhances pleasure for both partners.


Prefer body-safe materials such as silicone, glass or metal to ensure safety and durability.


Consider the design of the toy, including features such as angular, textured or rabbit-style arms to increase intense clitoral stimulation.

Best Strapless Dildos Of 2024

Erocome Cancri Silicone Vibrating Strapless Dildo

1. Erocome Cancri Silicone Vibrating Strapless Dildo

Pros: Adjustable, app-compatible, offers powerful and quiet vibration patterns.

Cons: May be difficult to maintain position without a harness.

Who it’s for Enthusiasts with some experience and looking for a moderate challenge and versatility.

2. Lovehoney Desire Deluxe Strapless Erotica(h3)

Pros: Individually controlled vibrations, adjustable angle, waterproof.

Cons: Controls are not easy to reach during use.

Who it’s for Users looking to upgrade from a beginner’s toy.

3. Wet For Her Union Double Head Dildo(h3)

Pros: Adjustable angle, available in three sizes for individualized user needs.

Cons: May require a harness for stability.

Who It’s For Beginners and intermediate users looking for an adaptable, customizable dildo.

4. Happy Bunny Strapless Dildo(h3)

Pros: Provides powerful vibrations and rabbit-style clitoral stimulation.

Cons: May be too stiff for some people, and it can be difficult to reach the buttons during use.

Who It’s For Intermediate users who need a rabbit-style toy with dual stimulation.

5. Vixen Peacemaker(h3)

Pros: Realistic design, dual-density silicone, lifetime warranty.

Cons: May require a harness, may be too thick for beginners.

Who it’s for Hobbyists looking for a realistic experience.

6. Triple Tease Strapless(h3)

Benefits Powerful vibrations with multiple speed options. Smaller size and G-spot/P-spot stimulation ridges deliver intense sexual pleasure.

Cons: Raised texture may be irritating to some users, and the non-disposable connector between the ends may limit flexibility.

The Triple Teaser delivers intense vibrations right from the start, making it perfect for users looking for intense stimulation. The toy features sharp edges and is small and easy to maneuver, but the raised textured design may not be for everyone.

7. Loveness Lapis Lazuli(h3)

Pros: Adjustable via app control, with customizable settings for all three motors. Bendable neck allows for more personalized placement.

Cons: Only one size available.

The Lovense Lapis is fully adjustable and offers multiple vibration intensity modes. App control and flexibility make this toy one of the best options for users who want a personalized experience.

8. Strap-on Bendable Vibrator(h3)

Pros: Three waist sizes to choose from, with a bendable neck and customizable position. Remote control allows for individual adjustment of each motor.

Cons: Round bulb may not provide as much stimulation of the sensitive G-spot area.

Strap-On-Me offers different size options and flexible adjustments for a versatile experience. This is a great option for those looking for adaptability in their toys.

9. Tantus Strapless Dildo(h3)

Pros: Hailed as the granddaddy of strapless dildos, available in many different sizes.

Cons: Weak bullet-style vibrator, low vibration intensity.

The Tantus strapless dildo has been around for a long time and offers sturdy silicone options that may require the use of a harness for stability. However, the vibrator that comes with it can generally be disappointing in its effectiveness.

10. Tantasia Estrella(h3)

Pros: Provides intense G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

Cons: Bullet vibrator may protrude and may reduce overall vibration intensity.

The Temptasia Estella features fuchsia silicone and a curvaceous G-spot stimulator for an engaging sexual experience for the wearer. Bullet vibrators can provide powerful vibratory stimulation, but may not deliver vibrations well through the toy.


Strapless dildos can enhance your sexual experience by providing hands-free penetration and shared sexual pleasure. When choosing a strapless dildo, you should consider important factors such as vibration intensity, flexibility and adjustability to experiment and find the best toy for you.

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