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How To Measure For A Chastity Cage?

How To Measure For A Chastity Cage

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If this is your first time being locked up, or if you are someone who wears a chastity cage 24/7, it is important that you measure yourself accurately so that the chastity device will fit you properly. If you take the plunge without making this crucial first step, you could be putting your health and comfort at risk.

If you don’t measure yourself correctly and have to wear a chastity cage that doesn’t fit properly, your health and comfort are at risk. Your troubles begin on day one. To avoid both outcomes, start off right.

If you are a chastity beginner or novice, it’s often best to go with a ready-made unit so you can determine for yourself if it meets your needs and preferences.

Below are some examples of the material designs and sizes of chastity cages shown in our facility. Some chicken coops are available in a variety of back ring sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences. Plastic chicken coops are lighter than metal coops (depending on the design style you purchase), but are usually not as sturdy as metal coops. While there are so many types to choose from, it will likely depend on which type of cage you personally like best; or on which type of cage your key holder wants you to put in.

The purpose of this guide is to keep you comfortably incarcerated for as long as you or your keyholder wishes.

Before describing the best way to measure yourself, you should understand what the ball cage is made of. All of our testicular cages have a testicular clamping system that holds your testicles tightly between the rear ring and the cage, keeping them in a suitable and secure position.

Now that you know that, let’s discuss the four most important numbers you must measure:

Rear ring – inner diameter (inner width)

Length of the penis sleeve – the length of the flaccid penis

Penis sleeve inner diameter – the inner width relates to the girth of the penis

Ball Trap Gap – the gap between the penis cage and the rear ring

How to measure for a chastity cage?

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As I mentioned before, it’s important to choose the correct ring size for yourself because if your back ring is too small, it can cause physical problems. These problems include decreased blood flow and decreased ability to urinate. An oversized back ring will make it easy for you to remove your back ring and cause excessive movement, which may cause the ring to rub against your skin.

To properly measure the size of your ring

Items needed for measurement

a) A piece of thick string

B) Cotton hobnailed string of at least 30 cm/12 inches in length (I think this is the American length measurement)

The former will be fine if you string a few strands from a spool just long enough to measure. If you’re going to use cord, find one at least as thick as the back loop you’re buying, but a slightly thinner one will do. Neither material should be stretchy, and the material used must be round, not flat. Light colored materials such as white are relatively easier to mark.

C) A pointed black marker, to be used later to mark the rope or cordage.

D) A 30 cm/12″ flat ruler.

We recommend that you do not use flat rulers. They do not fit the shape of a person.

Tighten the previously tied knot. However, do this only if it is very soft. At this point, it is very important for you to throw it away. I know this is easier said than done. You’re excited, and your erection may start to get hyperactive at the thought of the shiny new chastity device you’re measuring for. If you feel the rope starting to dig into you and impede blood flow, it’s too tight: carefully loosen the knot and lengthen the rope a bit to increase its length; if the rope starts to slide down, tighten it a bit, but only a bit at a time. At this point, set an alarm on your phone or have your smart speaker set one for you, say 15-20 minutes. This will give your body some time to adjust to the rope being wrapped around your penis and testicles. If you still feel comfortable after the alarm has gone off for this period of time, then grab a pen and mark the material around the edge of the rope knot. You can now cut the rope where you made the mark or untie it if you can.

Place the rope flat and straight below the zero line of the ruler to get a millimeter reading of that circumference. For more accurate measurements, we recommend taking at least two additional readings at different times of the day. As the sun, moon and stars move across the sky panel, a rope is being tracked.

Slipping one on is done by entering your penis and testicles through it, from where they’ll exit opposite sides for those of us with both points in life of contact totoday. Curved/Oval Ring As with the circular ring, but this time there is no gap in it. You put your balls and penis out the hole, Like picking an acre of grapes. the length’s a little longer but because of their Shape: They’re ‘Stemless’ Class of Rings means that even along the bottom there’s not so much bumping. Curved Hinged Ring With the hinged rings, you are able to spread the ring wide and put it under your skin over your bum-all in one operation, rather like a good pair of pants. These rings are much higher than they are wide.

One issue that some customers have mentioned with the rings that are hinged is that the small gap at the bottom of the ring can cause some pinching. We’ve heard from some users that they cover this gap over with a small piece of body safe plastic or tape.

How to measure the length of a chastity tube/chastity cage

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Before you start measuring your penis for an accurate chastity device fitting, I want to say one thing first. We’ve seen too many photos of guys or sissy girls wearing chastity devices with a noticeable gap between the head of their penis and the end of the chastity cage. This will give you an erection. But this is something you should definitely avoid. Doing so defeats the whole point of a chastity device, so with this guide, you should be able to install and wear a chastity cage that fits your penis perfectly.

At this point, we need to be honest. If you want to accurately measure the length of your penis, you need to keep it completely flaccid. Any kind of plumping, stretching or swelling of the erection will not help to get an accurate measurement. And don’t take a warm or cold shower before measuring. These things will only change the size of the penis, making it bigger or smaller. So, relax and be honest with yourself. Please observe the following method:

Stand up straight, make sure you are completely flaccid, take a flat ruler 12 inches long and 30 centimeters wide and place it on the top of your penis, starting from where it comes out and laying it flat on either side of your pubic bone. Measure from root to tip. Make a note of the length.

To ensure a perfect fit with the penis sleeve, it is generally recommended to subtract 6 mm/¼ inch to 12 mm/½ inch from the measurement. This will provide a snug, comfortable, proper fit.

Measure the inside diameter of the cage/tube.

We’ve already done a similar measurement when measuring the dorsal ring, so this time it’s easy.

Instead, measure the circumference of your penis.

When measuring again, your penis should be completely flaccid. Relax, think about other things that won’t turn you on, and then follow the instructions below:

Cut a piece of thick white string and wrap it around the largest part of the shaft. It is recommended to wrap it around about half of the phallus.

Cut two more pieces of rope and repeat the process 3 times a day. Add up the measurements and divide by 3 to get your average girth.

Divide this measurement by 3.14 to get the diameter of the inner penis cage.

Make a note of this number to use when ordering your cage.

Stuff as much of the cock as possible into the cage so that it fits like a glove. However, you don’t want the cock to have too much room (if any), so be careful in your choice.

Clearance – the distance between the cage and the ring

While all ball lock chastity devices will have some clearance between the cage and the rear ring. This is often referred to as “clearance”.

There is a simple rule of thumb to determine if you should be looking for a larger or smaller gap:

Upright and tight = larger hole

Floppy and weak = smaller


If your testicles hang high and tight against your body, then you need a larger gap. If your testicles hang high and tight against your body, then you need a larger clearance; if your testicles hang loose and have loose skin, then you need a smaller clearance.

Over time, your body adapts to the long-term use of a chastity device, such as after a permanent chastity cage is installed, and you will usually want a smaller gap. This is due to the fact that the testicles begin to sag below the testicular cage, which necessitates a smaller gap, but still sandwiches you between the cage and the testicular ring.

But don’t opt for too small of a gap, as this can lead to medical problems – such as cutting off blood flow. You want a cage that is comfortable and fits properly, not one that is uncomfortable.

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