Nipple Clamps

How to Use Nipple Clamps: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Use Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps can add intense stimulation to your play, providing unique sexual sensations and hands-free stimulation. Nipple clamps can enhance intimacy for all people with nipples, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or body type. In this guide, we’ll look at the reasons for using nipple clamps, how to use them safely and what the better options are.

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What is a nipple clamp?

Nipple clamps are not the same as those used in woodworking. They are specifically designed for sensory play and can resemble clothespins, small tweezers or chains. They come in a variety of styles and designs to suit the preferences of different users.

Why use nipple clamps?

Hands-free nipple stimulation

Nipple clamps allow you to experience a range of sensations such as pulling, pinching or vibrating without the need for manual stimulation. This hands-free stimulation can enhance your overall sexual experience.

Enhanced Orgasm

Stimulating multiple sensitive areas can enhance the intensity of pleasure. Nipple clamps can be paired with other forms of stimulation such as vibrators or manual touch for more intense orgasms.


Many people find nipple clamps aesthetically pleasing. Whether it’s a chain, metal design, or other variations of the design, there’s something for everyone.


In a BDSM scenario, nipple clamps can be a tool for expressing submission or devotion. For example, a dominant may instruct her submissive to wear the clamps for extra sexual stimulation.

Dilemma Bondage

Nipple clamps can also be used in dilemma bondage scenarios, in which a person is placed in a challenging position and must choose between different forms of discomfort.

Using Nipple Clamps Elsewhere

While nipple clamps are primarily designed for the nipple, they can also be used on other parts of the body, such as the clitoris or scrotal skin, to meet the sexual needs of people who enjoy a variety of sensations.

Explore the variety of nipple clamp types and styles

Nipple clamps come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. They may be adorned with chains, weights, feathers or vibrators to add extra sexual stimulation and aesthetic appeal.

Adjustable Tweezer Clips

Tweezer clamps are a great starting point for beginners. They provide gentle starting pressure and often come with rubber or silicone tips to ensure body comfort.

Cloverleaf Style Clamps

Cloverleaf style clamps offer a heavier grip, making them more suitable for enthusiasts with experience using nipple clamps or more intense nipple play.

Alligator Clamps

Alligator clips, both with and without teeth, provide greater strength and are more suitable for experienced users.

How to use nipple clamps?

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The following are the basic step-by-step procedures when using nipple clamps for the first time:

1. Choose the right clamps

Consider the intensity of nipple stimulation you prefer. Beginners may want to start with standard nipple clamps that gently squeeze the nipple, while more experienced people may prefer clamps with chains or other add-ons for use in kink or BDSM play.

2. Cleaning before use

Clean nipple clamps with warm water and neutral soap before and between uses to keep them safe and sanitary.

3. Adjusting Tension

If your nipple clamps are adjustable, start with the lowest tension. Adjust the screw on each nipple clamp to set the desired tension.

4. Testing the Clamps

Before using nipple clamps, test them on a less sensitive area such as an earlobe or the webbing between your fingers and thumb. This helps you gauge the strength of the clamps before applying them to the nipple. Then test the sensitive areas gradually.

5. Hot compresses on nipples

Stimulate your nipples to harden and preheat them. This can be done using lubricants, your fingers or by having your partner lick, kiss or suck your nipples.

6. Clamp your nipples

Once your nipples are erect, open the clamps and gently clamp them on your nipples, aligning the bottom of the clamp with your areola.

7. Adjust the tension

Hold the clamps in place for 15 to 30 seconds to check the tension. If it feels too strong, lower the tension.

8. Play with the clip on

If you like the stimulation, you can put the clip back on and continue exploring. You can stimulate the tips of your breasts while wearing the clamps, or have your partner stimulate other sensitive areas such as your genitals.

9. Remove the clamps within 10 minutes

Avoid leaving the clamp on for more than 10 minutes to prevent numbness or discoloration. Once removed, wait for blood to circulate before reapplying. More than 10 minutes may cause discomfort.

10. Play immediately after removal

The period of time after removal of the clamp is often the most enjoyable. The restored blood flow increases sensitivity and makes other types of stimulation such as kissing, licking and stroking more pleasurable.

11. Experiment with tension

As you become more comfortable with the clamp, experiment with adjusting the tension. You may find that you prefer more tension as you become more aroused, or that you like to alternate between higher and lower tension.

How do I use nipple clamps with a partner?

There are several ways to incorporate nipple clamps into cooperative play:

Have your partner preen your nipples and use the clamps before exploring other sensitive areas of your body.

Combine clamps with penetrative sex to increase sexual stimulation during intercourse.

Experiment with different positions and movements while wearing the clamps.

Communicate openly with your partner to find out how you both like to feel.

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Nipple clamps are an exciting way to increase nipple sensitivity and enhance pleasure during solo or cooperative play.

Nipple clamps can add intense stimulation to your play, providing unique sexual sensations and hands-free stimulation. Nipple clamps can enhance intimacy for all people with nipples, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or body type. In this guide, we’ll learn about the reasons for using nipple clamps, how to use them safely, and what are the better options?

Experiment with different types, tension levels and techniques to find the perfect combination for you. Always prioritize safety and open communication with your partner to ensure an enjoyable and mutually satisfying sexual experience. Browse our selection of nipple clamps to find the perfect fit for your nipple pleasure journey!

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