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Rose Toy Not Working: Proper use and troubleshooting guide

Why is my rose charging but not turning on

The Rose toy has become a popular item on TikTok and other social media platforms, but like any other electronic toy, it can malfunction, such as failing to turn on, not charging properly, or stopping working altogether. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the common problems users encounter with the Rose vibrator and provide troubleshooting tips to help you solve these tricky issues.

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Proper use and troubleshooting guide

1. Read the instructions carefully

First, turn off the rose toy and refer to the instruction manual. Since different models of rose toys may have unique features, please follow the manufacturer’s usage and troubleshooting guidelines.

For example, some rose toys require a 5-second hold on the power button to turn on, while others may require a 10-second hold. Review the instructions to ensure proper use and troubleshooting.

2. Check the LED flashing condition

A flashing LED light while using the toy indicates low battery. The toy may automatically turn off to save battery power. In this case, just charge the toy. While charging, the LED light will flash, indicating that the toy is receiving power.

3. Please fully charge before first use

When you receive a new rose toy, it must be fully charged before using it for the first time. Not only does this help verify that the toy is charging properly, but it also prevents possible power outages during use.

Most rose toys use lithium-ion batteries and have no memory effect. However, the battery may be over-discharged during first use, which may shorten the battery life. Therefore, do not use the rose toy without fully charging it.

4. Charging through computer USB port

If you use a desktop or laptop computer’s USB port to charge the toy, be aware that the computer may enter sleep mode, interrupting the charging process. This may result in the toy not being fully charged.

Monitor the LED lights regularly when charging via computer. If it initially flashes and then turns off after less than 30 minutes, your computer’s USB port may have stopped providing power.

5. Mobile power charging

When using a mobile power supply to charge the rose toy, please pay attention to using the 5V USB interface. Avoid higher voltage outputs as most rose toys do not support 9V or higher. Please make sure the power bank meets the power charging requirements of the toy.

6. Charging via car USB

Be careful when charging your toys through your car’s USB port. Use a USB car charger adapter with an output of 5V to avoid possible damage. Please note that some cars cut power to the USB port when the engine is turned off, which may affect the charging process.

7. Mobile phone charger compatibility

Most rose toys use a 5V power supply with a current of 2A and are compatible with most mobile phone adapters. However, avoid using laptop adapters as they may provide higher voltage, such as 20V, which may damage the rose toy.

8. Pay attention to the different currents

Different charging sources provide different currents. Standard output should be at least 1A. If the current is lower than this value, the charging process may be prolonged.

9. Check the main body of the rose toy

Check the rose toy for any signs of damage or water damage, especially if you have used the toy underwater. If water seeps out of the toy, it may indicate there is water inside, which could cause a short circuit when opened.

To dry the toy, air dry naturally or place it in a rice bag to fully absorb moisture. Although many rose toys are waterproof, using them underwater for extended periods of time can be risky.

10. Check the travel lock

Some rose toys come with a dedicated travel lock to prevent accidental activation. Make sure the travel lock is released before trying to open the toy.

11. Battery, charging cable and electrolyte issues

If the previous troubleshooting steps didn’t resolve your issue, you may be experiencing a problem related to the battery, charger, magnetic charger, or poor contact. In this case, consider replacing the charger or contact manufacturer customer service for further assistance.

12. Return to manufacturer for repair

If your toy still doesn’t work after trying all the troubleshooting steps, contact the manufacturer’s customer service team. They can guide you in returning the toy for repair or replacement with a new toy.

13. Store your rose toys correctly

Proper storage is essential to maintaining your rose toys. If the toy uses batteries, remove them before storing. Avoid plugging the charging head into the toy, and store the toy in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and away from high temperatures. This helps prevent damage to the toy and extends the life of the toy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rose Toy Malfunctions

Rose Toy

Here are some frequently asked questions about rose toy malfunctions that may address your concerns:

Why is my rose charging but not turning on?

Check the battery level and make sure it is fully charged. Check the toy body for obvious damage or loose connections.

If my Rose Toy Cannot charge normally, what should I do?

Make sure you use the correct charging method recommended by the manufacturer. Check the toy and charger ports for any debris or dirt that may prevent proper contact and prevent proper charging.

My rose toy suddenly stopped working while in use. What could possibly go wrong?

Sudden stops may be caused by low battery or motor failure. Please try to fully charge your rose toy before using it again. If the issue persists, please contact customer support for further assistance.

Can I repair a faulty rose toy myself?

While you can try basic troubleshooting at home, ongoing issues should be resolved by the customer support team. They can provide guidance on potential repairs or assist in arranging replacements if necessary.

Keep in mind that each situation may be different depending on your usage patterns and how you care for your toy.


By following these troubleshooting steps, you can resolve common problems with your rose toy and keep it running optimally. You need regular maintenance and careful charging, which will help extend the life of the toy and enhance your pleasurable sexual experience.

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