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Rose Vibe Rose Toy Reviews: A Comprehensive Analysis

Rose Vibe Rose Toy Reviews


If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you’ve likely seen thousands of posts about a certain rose-shaped sex toy. It’s been called one of the best sex toys out there, and it’s gone viral for a reason: it has a unique air-pleasure technology that users say delivers exceptionally intense orgasms. I saw rave reviews of the toy on the Tiktok app under the #TheRoseToy and #YoniRose hashtags, and I knew I had to give it a try to see what all the fuss was about.

I’ve witnessed quite a few must-try viral sex toys, but they often don’t live up to their name. While there are some Rose Erotica products that promise to deliver similar results, this Rose Erotica review focuses on the highly acclaimed Rose Vibe version that was released late last year.

So, can my Rose Erotica review prove this and buck the trend?

Rose Erotica Review: ‘It’s cute, pretty and easy to use – but not the strongest’
Special features and what sets it apart from the competition

This viral rose toy promises to be both powerful and pretty – something not all sex toys can do. But it’s not just for show; the rose petals deliver a different kind of intense sensation compared to other oral sex simulators. The wide top isn’t as precise as other brands’ clitoral nozzles, which means you can get even more stimulation.

Vibrators & Suction Toys

3 in 1 Oral Rose Massager

The Rose Vibrator is part of the sexual health suction toy line. Instead of stimulating the genitals and erogenous zones through vibration, suction toys stimulate the genitals and sensitive areas through air pulses. For many, this creates a sucking or oral sex-like sensation.

While some may find traditional vibrators too stimulating, suction toys don’t come into direct contact with the clitoris, which often makes them one of the more comfortable options. Rest assured, though, that these toys don’t skimp on power: many reviewers praise suction toys (especially the Rose Vibrator) for their ability to produce intense orgasms, and for many to do so quickly. With a variety of settings and features to choose from, the Suction Vibrator may be just the upgrade your toy collection needs.

What makes the Rose Vibrator so unique?

While its provocative airflow pulses may set the Rose Vibrator apart from other toys in your nightstand drawer, other suction toys on the market have similar features. So what makes the Rose Vibrator so unique?

In addition to its superior pleasure, the Rose Vibrator’s super cute aesthetic is hard to ignore. Sure, some people think it’s just icing on the cake, but the beautiful appearance is a great experience in itself.

Judging by its exceptionally cute appearance and the sensation of vibrating your legs, you’ve probably never tried a toy quite like the Rose Vibrator.

How does Rose work?

The Rose toy is a clitoral suction stimulator designed to simulate the sensation of cunnilingus using air technology. It combines suction, vibration and the sensations of teasing and licking, designed to deliver intense and satisfying pleasure.The Rose Vibe range of toys has a variety of vibration settings to suit every preference, from soft rumbles to powerful pulsations.

How do I use the Rose Sex Toy?

Rose sex toys are simple and straightforward to use, but a few tips can enhance the experience:

  1. Clean thoroughly before and after use with a mild antibacterial soap or special sex toy cleaner.
  2. Remove any piercings or jewelry from the genital area.
  3. Apply an appropriate amount of water-based lubricant to the toy and yourself to increase lubrication while avoiding damage to the silicone material.
  4. spread the labia to expose the clitoris and place the head of the toy on the clitoris.
  5. Try different vibration settings to find what feels most comfortable for you.

How did we test Rose?

3 in 1 Oral Rose Massager

Our testing team consisted of people of different sexual orientations and genders who tested the Rose Vibe toy. They tested it in a variety of environments, including single and double, on land and underwater, and used water-based lubricants to maximize comfort.

Key features we love

COMFORTABLE: Easy to hold during sex, either solo or between partners.
VERSATILITY: Multiple vibration settings to give the user a personalized experience.
Quiet: Won’t wake the neighbors.
Runtime: Lasts approximately 2 hours on a full charge.
USB Charging: Fast and hassle free.
Waterproof: Ideal for use in the shower or bath.


This toy isn’t the most powerful clitoral suction toy I’ve ever tried, but it does deliver quite pleasurable orgasms. The clitoral chambers are a bit small, so if your clitoris swells with arousal, it can throw off the pleasure air technology. The same thing happens when the toy is too tight against your body, which sometimes happens when I become more aroused and close to orgasm.

Rove Vibe Rose Toy Reviews

So, does it live up to its name? Here’s what people say!

Well, we know why you’re here: is this sexy gadget worth buying? Well worth it. Pay $200 for your new Rose vibrator. Still need convincing? Let these Rose Vibrator reviews do the talking:

  1. “Honestly, this is the best toy I’ve ever used. Just when I thought there was nothing better than the Rabbit, I was wrong. And it came in 90 seconds, which isn’t often for me – but it is now!” -Babylon Reviewer
  2. on TikTok, @babbymi thinks the rose vibe is her favorite.
  3. in another video, @justmestephanie2.0 thinks Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” was probably written for a rose vibrator.
  4. “My friend bought this for my bachelorette party and it was amazing! I finished it in under a minute. I highly recommend it. It’s great for personal use or partner play together.” -Babylon Reviewer
  5. “My experience was fantastic. out of 10. Highly recommended.” -@jennifervee31, TikTok

6.”At a certain age, I find it hard to orgasm like I used to. This little rose was able to tease out the [necessary] things to get me to orgasm! Wonderful sensation. My new BFF!” -Rose Vibe Reviewer


The Rose Vibe Rose toy utilizes the latest innovations in air-pleasuring technology and an attractive design for a pleasurable experience. While it may not satisfy the desires of users who are looking for intense stimulation, it offers a satisfying and visually appealing option for a gentle, pleasurable session. Whether you’re a seasoned toy enthusiast or a beginner, the unique attributes and overall appeal of this Rose toy are worth your consideration.

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