Banana Cleaner

What is a Banana Cleaner?

What is a Banana Cleaner?

Banana Cleaner is a new type of Men Masturbator Cup Toy!

This toy is moderate in size, similar to an electric fan. We can see many men put bananas in it in many Tiktok videos, so this toy is also called Banana Cleaner.

Tiktok Banana Cleaner

The liner of this new men massager is made of food-grade silicone safety material, soft and comfortable, very durable. The open design makes it very versatile and can be used in 6 different ways. Bring you an unprecedented happy experience!

Unboxing and Unveiling the Trouvaille Cid-Am2002 Banana Cleaner– Your New Best Friend

Inside the head of the banana cleaner are some soft silicone balls, which can be stretched up and down to stimulate orgasm through 6 different frequency modes.

Banana Cleaner Sex Toy features a realistic True-Touch design. Very light and simple. One button design makes it very easy for users to learn. Long press the [Power button] to turn on/off within 3 seconds.

Short press the [Power button] to switch modes.

Banana Cleaner Sex Toy features a realistic True-Touch design

Discover all the fun of the Trouvaille Banana Cleaner Machine

Open Design: Allows for full experimentation exploring multiple ways of use for maximum fun!

Suction Design: Suction cup design allows for continuous use. Start banana cleaning with different suction settings!

One size fits all men’s bananas: Whether your bananas are small, medium or large, it has you covered.

Make life happier: Discover more ways to use your toys and experience true satisfaction from Banana Toys.

The electric Automatic banana cleaner is charged through the included USB charging cable, and it can be used for 2 hours on a full charge. At the same time, in order to improve the waterproof effect, we set the charging port at the bottom of the handle and cover it with a rotating cover to make it safer to use. If you need to charge, you only need to open the rotating cover.

Banana Cleaner Cover

Make your relationship with yourself and your girlfriend or wife more fun with this innovative toy!

You can use it alone or with your wife or girlfriend for a different kind of fun. Many friends have reported that this is very interesting!

Banana Cleaner Review

Where to buy a banana cleaner?

You can buy our authentic Banana Cleaner on our official website: Banana Cleaner


Name: Banana Cleaner

Material: ABS+TPE

Color: White

Dimensions 260mm*62mm*84mm, connecting bracket bottom diameter 38 mm.

Weight: 365g

Product List

Banana Cleaner Machine *1

Charging line *1

Suction cup bracket *1

Instructions *1

Banana Cleaner Size

The Official Banana Cleaner comes with a 12-month warranty protection plan designed to give you peace of mind when shopping.

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